1. Eco kart

    9th in virtual
    16th overall
    Eco kart is a National Event for students pursuing Engineering Degree / Diploma. The Competition is to design and fabricate a single passenger Kart which is operated via a battery. The Event went live in 2014 with a massive 56 Teams registering for the Event. Various Deligates from Automobile Sector Visited the Event Venue.

  2. Hybrid Go-Kart

    Best innovation
    9th overall
    The Hybrid Go-kart challenges by Republic Motorsports is for encouraging teams from universities and colleges for manufacture a Hybrid Go-kart in which undergraduate and graduate students will design, fabricate, develop and compete with small, Go-kart style, hybrid-powered vehicle. The purpose of this event is encourage students to work on hybrid and electric mobility so environment technology for future.

  3. Nirman

    1st overall
    Best driver award
    The objective of the competition is to design and fabricate a hybrid Vehicle or an electrical vehicle under ISIE Design restriction as a chance to students to demonstrate and prove their creativity and their engineering skills in comparison to teams from other universities or colleges around Asia.